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This is time lapse (~90x real-time) video-microscopy of a soritid foraminifer encountering Symbiodinium dinoflagellates, using a Nikon inverted phase contrast scope, Nikon D80 camera, and iStopMotion software.

This shows the interaction between two marine microorganisms, a foraminifer and many tiny dinoflagellate algae. The large disc-shaped thing is the foraminifer; it is about 2mm across. It is collecting the dinoflagellates around it. These dinoflagellates are the same algae that live inside corals, and these foraminifera have a similar symbiotic relationship with their algae as do corals. I use this kind of time-lapse video to compress processes that happen on a longer time scale into a few seconds, which helps to understand the dynamic nature of the living microscopic world on coral reefs.

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