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Worm pulled out of woman's brain.
Please note: This video is NOT to promote any religion, culture, eating habits, or lifestyle. This is only to show an interesting video and if there's any agenda at all, it is to get people to wash their hands and/or cook the pork thoroughly. That's it!
Pork was forbidden in some culture because people didn't know the importance of hygiene nor did they have the means to prevent cross contamination. Today, we have soap, hand sanitizers, government regulations, etc. So it's better. Please don't post comments saying any culture or religion is the way to go.
As for being a vegetarian is the answer. It's not. Being a vegetarian has its own set of problems, especially being a vegan (trust me, I'm a medical person, so I would know). So please don't use this video to promote this lifestyle either.
Eat whatever you want to eat in MODERATION. Exercise or at least keep active. Use logic when it comes to hygiene. Then enjoy your life free of dieting fads.

  • Last Modified: Wednesday 24 February 2021, 18:19:05.